Our Approach

At Mantis, we believe in approaching all task assignments with an open mind, free from any preconceived or subjective notions. Our philosophy views investigation as a holistic endeavor, where we utilize a combination of surveillance, comprehensive background checks, and in-depth social media analysis to paint a realistic picture of the claimant's current capabilities and past activities.

Our Story

Founded in 1977 by John Spray, the Mantis agency initially operated as a one-man show for two years. However, John's successful recipe of combining surveillance with comprehensive background checks resulted in a surge of business, which necessitated the addition of extra staff. John takes immense pride in the agency he founded and remains dedicated to ensuring that the Mantis product adheres to the highest industry standards.

Meet the Team

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Duran Spray


As an experienced President with over two decades in the private investigation industry, Duran has honed his skills in a diverse range of areas. His expertise encompasses training, conducting investigative fieldwork, performing comprehensive background checks and interviews, as well as cultivating and retaining client relationships. Additionally, he is well-versed in maintaining all technological aspects of the business, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity at all times.

Duran recognizes the significance of comprehending the insurance industry and has successfully completed nine insurance courses as part of his journey towards obtaining his C.I.P. (Chartered Insurance Professional) designation.

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Alley Solomon

Office Manager & Head of Specialty Investigations

As our esteemed office manager, Alley has been a part of the Mantis family for a decade. Possessing extensive knowledge of every aspect of investigations, he has developed a comprehensive skill set that efficiently supports our team of field investigators. He consistently expands our arsenal of methods and resources and leads the majority of our specialty investigations. Alley's remarkable talent lies in the area of asset searches, where he exhibits exceptional proficiency and an ability to locate even the most elusive assets.

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