With over twenty investigators of various backgrounds, we can match the appropriate investigator to the file. Our investigators are local to Ontario and Quebec, and speak over a dozen different languages. No file is too far afield as we have traveled in the past to India, Cyprus, Portugal etc. Our interior capabilities are well honed, allowing us to take great footage in the most difficult of situations. Our investigators are well trained, have years of experience and are extremely tenacious. 

Asset Investigations

Using legal methods, we offer in-depth asset searches to assist with litigation, pre-litigation, post-judgment enforcement, due diligence, and divorce. Offering more than just a collection of searches, we endeavour to give you a full and logically pieced together picture of your subject's assets and liabilities.

Activity Checks

The Mantis agency prides itself on its cadre of mature investigators to ferret out data on any claimant in order to fill in both the claimants history and define his/her current activities. Interviews with past and present neighbours, employers, fellow employees, social acquaintances etc go a long way in developing a realistic portrait of the claimant as an adjunct to surveillance.

Internet Presence

We are highly skilled at finding what others miss floating around the internet.  We make sure the internet is scoured for background information in order to use your surveillance dollars as successfully as possible.  From social media profiles, to videos of public speaking, we do an in depth search for our subjects.  Videos and pictures found are copied and used as evidence.